The «Agenda 2021» initiative targets to contribute in creating a new sustainable development model for Greece, exhibiting country’s competitive advantages in certain industrial and entrepreneurial sectors, through a wide range of activities especially designed and chosen for each strategic pillar of priority.

Agenda 2021 has a broad array of activations including:

  • The creation of necessary tools, methodologies and standardized operating processes which can support the operations of both private and public institutions, in order to promote investments and enforce new commercial business models, ultimately unlocking the available potential and opting for sustainable growth.
  • The enhancement of interactions with public officials and policy makers, building on partnerships and contributing into the shaping of an extrovert and applied roadmap for investments, whilst at the same time, pushing the transfer of strategic knowledge and valuable know-how from the private sector over to national authorities and vice-versa.
  • The promotion of case studies and best practices on all strategic pillars within the spectrum of reversing Greece current perceived image from foreign investors that keeps the country away from being a solvent investment destination. Greek Economic Forum works on organizing sophisticated and targeted Conferences, Seminars, Events and Meetings with the contribution of high-level participants which take place in Greece and in other industrial capitals around the world.