JUNE 2016, ATHENS: GEF organizes a fund-raising Gala Dinner in collaboration with Leaders 100

GEF seeking for interactions, mingling and blending of ideas, plans the ‘’Greeks of the World, Welcome Home” fund-raising event, scheduled to take place in June.
‘’Greeks of the World, Welcome Home” is a Gala Dinner honouring a large group of distinguished Greek entrepreneurs active abroad, that opts to foster an open and effective dialogue on how to re-engineer national economic growth.
It is beyond any doubt that attracting Foreign Direct Investments is the critical deciding factor for reviving Greek economy. The event will therefore attempt to showcase solid opportunities for the establishment of businesses in Greece and encourage notable Greek entrepreneurs to invest in Greece. Speakers and participants include academics, renowned entrepreneurs, reputable decision makers and politicians.
The event will happen at Island Club Restaurant, one of the emblematic destinations of the so-called “Athens Riviera”.